Posted: Oct 22 2013
by: Jill Johnson

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6 Stylist Tips for Keeping it Together This Halloween

I love Halloween because it's an incredibly creative holiday. Even the people who claim all year long that they aren't the creative types, somehow bust it out for this annual event. We love getting together with our friends to scheme, plan and really get inventive together. We help each other with make-up, laugh hysterically in the mirror at ourselves and at each other.... and keep the glasses full. 

For most of us, it only happens once a year and the memories and funny pictures, made with an abandon to reality, are enjoyed and laughed at for decades. I have no expectation or judgment when it comes to how much effort, money or skill someone throws at a costume, but I definitely can recognize how awesome people feel when they're all dressed up! Whether you are the type to coax a costume out of things found in your kitchen or the local charity shop, or if you hire a designer to help you with your vision, the results are usually pretty cool if you make an effort and you're going for it. I think everyone deserves to feel ridiculously good about themselves and have a kick-ass holiday!

This is a field day for inappropriate wardrobe choices.. but you don't have to be (too) uncomfortable or find yourself falling apart midway through the night.

You walk out the door like a rock star!... Push up bra in place, dazzling fake eyelashes and legs for days! You and your friends are having the best time in the coolest costumes ever! So worth it. Flash forward a few hours.. we've all been there. Your crumpled up wings are getting in everyone's way, your wig is askew, your make-up is running down your face and your feet HUUUUUURRRRRT.…

Have no fear (except for the creepy loner in the clown costume). Here are my tips to help you to avoid or survive a wardrobe mis-hap and keep from coming un-glued or looking more frightful than you intended this Halloween.



Small is best. Large wings make it had to get into a car or cab. They also make it difficult to navigate through a crowd, which usually results in them getting crushed or partially torn off, and then you have a problem.

Small tails are easy too, like fluffy bunny tails, but larger tails can get in the way. Cat tails, devil tails, etc. beg to be pulled! A good idea to make them easy to remove and reattach. These peacock tails I made attached to our corsets with velcro so we could take them off when we needed to (like in the car) and easily put them back on.


2. WIGS: 

You can go with a cheap wig, but you don't have to be an amateur about it. Best advice: Use a wig cap under your wig. These little suckers only cost a couple bucks and are not worth skimping on. A wig cap will keep your natural hair hidden and it will help your wig stay in place so you don't look like a jackass tugging at your 'do all night. Secure your own hair with ties and pins, put your wig cap on, then wig, and secure with plenty of bobby pins.


3.  MAKE-UP: 

Go with water-based make-up that is properly set. Oil based or pancake make-up will most likely smudge all over the place throughout the night plus it can clog pores and be difficult to remove. About make-up remover: When you're out at CVS before Halloween, be sure to pick up nail polish remover, make-up remover, fake lash adhesive remover, spirit gum remover, alcohol or mineral oil so you have that stuff on hand when you get home and "can't wait to get that shit off!"


4.   SHOES: 

I can't tell you how painful it is to see a girl hoofing it barefoot.. Don't be this girl. I would never tell you not to wear the highest craziest high-heels but keep in mind that cheap costume shoes will be uncomfortable, especially if they aren't broken in, and you will most likely be walking and dancing a lot! You will thank me for reminding you to take some Tieks travel slippers with you. They fold up and will fit into a small evening bag, no problem. Or, for a fraction of the price, Sidekicks foldable ballet slippers that come in their own pouch are only about $15. You'll be stoked to whip these out when you break a heel (been there) or you're waiting 40 minutes in the taxi line.



Wands, machetes, swords... etc... Make it easy to carry them by attaching a simple elastic strap so it can slip onto your wrist and out of the way when you want. Another alternative, is to make it velcro onto the side of your costume, so you are hands-free! For crowns and head pieces make sure they are securely pinned on (your wig cap will help with this). 



Add a few things to your handbag "just in case". These small and simple back-up items can make a big difference in your comfort (or a friend's) and also prevent you from having to call it an early night because of a broken bra strap. Safety pins, bobby pins, mini duct tape ..

If you might stay out or at a friend's, or if your costume is particularly skimpy, slipping a rolled up tee shirt and some leggings and flats (see "SHOES") into your bag might be a good idea.

Also have a phone charger, mini flashlight and whistle. People can be crazy in their alter-egos this evening so keep it safe. On the subject of safety, stick with a friend and keep an eye on each other. It's also a good idea to plan a ride home ahead of time. 




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  • Love this post! I have to laugh… it reminds me of one Halloween when my bff and I were barflies!!!! We had black mini dresses on, totally teased-out hair and red lipstick.. very 80’s style (and black stockings and pumps). We made “fly eyes” by using silver mesh kitchen strainers sewn on to elastic.. like goggles. (also had to laugh when you mentioned “making something out of things you find in the kitchen”.. lol) We made our own wings out of wire and fishnets. It was pretty awesome, but I remember how crushed our wings were by the end of the night and we were both laughing because we seriously felt like we were 2 flies lat had been SWAT!~!! anyway thanks for the post and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! I <3 Bunny Jackson~!!!

    Posted by Cynthia F. on October 28, 2014
  • Sheer genius!! Great tips!!! With all the excitement of getting ready and getting out the door, I never am far enough in the game to think of these things!! Tieks are amazing. I love the Tiffany blue colored soles. I love that you offered a substitute though as they are pricey.
    Cheers to you and your fabulousness!

    Posted by Ashley Marie on October 23, 2013
  • I love your Halloween tips, Jill! They are so right on! :)

    Posted by Tammy on October 22, 2013
  • I love this!! Thanks for the words of wisdom, Jill! So excited for my costume :)

    Posted by Kira on October 22, 2013

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